2024 Pledge

Take the ‘TALK’ Pledge and Support Survivors

When someone listens to and believes a survivor, it can make a world of difference for them—helping to release them from feeling silent and alone. Coming forward about sexual assault and reaching out for help is already difficult, and may feel even more so now.

That’s why it is more important than ever that we show empathy and kindness to one another by being prepared to support the survivors in your life who share their stories. It only takes a few minutes to learn how to “TALK” but it makes a difference that lasts a lifetime.

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Add your name today to pledge that you will “TALK” when a survivor discloses: Thank them for telling you; Ask how you can help; Listen without judgment; and Keep supporting.

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Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be treated by a medical professional who can provide them with expert, trauma-informed care. But the current lack of federal support for comprehensive care for survivors means too many people are unable to access the help they need. As your constituent, I ask you to help ensure that every survivor—regardless of geographical location—has access to these critical health services.

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